Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Lumineers, Tanlines, and Tom Furse. A Tuesday mix mash.

The Lumineers fit very much into that Mumford and Sons & Avett Brothers-ish category, and I'm digging it. Their self-titled album is one that I want to learn all the words to, then go and catch their live show and dance in the middle of the crowd, everyone enjoying themselves way too much. I guess I'll have to wait till this July when they'll be in town for Block Party! The album is my pick-me-up from yesterday, and it genuinely brings a smile to my face.

Speaking of pick-me-ups, tonight is the Tanlines show over at Neumos. I try to restrict my concert goings to weekends, but this one was too good to pass up. In case you missed my past post on Tanlines, check out this little diddy (ditty?).

And last but not least for the day, I leave you with this, posted over at r/listentothis. Tom Furse (Cowan) of The Horrors fame remixing Charlotte Gainsbourg. Fantastic.

Keep it lively people.

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