Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not Your Average Bird

I received my first Andrew Bird album for free from a pawn shop over on Pine Street in 2009. I had purchased a decent looking stereo that had a jack to plug in my Zune (yes, I own and still currently utilize a now obsolete Zune...don't judge me...actually, go ahead) so for $30 I had a good find.


Along with my stereo I was allowed to pick one CD from an overstuffed rack filled with old/timeless gems such as Michael Bolton, TLC, and Extreme. And there I found Andrew Bird's 2009 release Noble Beast/Useless Creatures (Deluxe Edition).

(You Woke Me Up!)

I went home and christened the new-but-used stereo with my new-but-used CD. While I loved Noble Beast, it was really the instrumental Useless Creatures tracks that I couldn't get enough of. It was one of those albums that you can listen to all day in the background of whatever you are doing. I just kept replaying it over and over again, finding something new to love each time. It was a perfect introduction to Mr. Bird...a combination of his incredible talent with the violin and ever-so-charming vocals.

Andrew released his seventh solo album Break it Yourself  (Mom+Pop) on March 6th and it does not disappoint. It is very Noble Beast-ish, complete with whistling, but enough of an upgrade to satisfy. Beginning to end it all seems very sweet (think puppies), so if you find yourself in need of a 'hug' this album will do the job.

(Freaking adorable)

Here he is playing Eyeoneye, title track off the new album.

I am admittedly late to the game, as Bird has been releasing music since 1998, but I'm working my way backwards and am enjoying the journey.

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