Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feeling kinda icky...Lambchop is my cure

Soon after arriving at work this morning I started getting that weird 'I'm cold but I'm sweating' feeling. So I decided that eating an entire plate of tortilla chips and queso that my friend and co-worker Janet brought into work today would make me feel better. As I hovered over my plate, using my chip as more of a spoon to shove the hot cheese into my mouth, I figured the perfect accompaniment would be Lambchop's Mr. M, released by none other than Merge earlier this year. Kurt Wagner's voice is soothing and his lyrics thought provoking. To me it is the same as when listening to Matt Berninger from The National...they're both pantie droppers. Emphasis on the word voice, as Kurt Wagner is a little out of my pantie droper age range.

(Exhibit A. Keep 'em on ladies)

This is my first listen into the world of Lambchop, and according to the Wikipedia page they are "loosely associated with the alternative country genre". Mr. M sounds nothing, if anything but, country, so I think that will be an exploration for another day. Listening to Mr.M makes me feel comforted, like being curled up on my parents couch knowing dinner will be served in 30 minutes (of which I neither had to cook or clean up after. I miss being 14 sometimes.)

Lambchop's history is long, with their first full length released in 1990, so I have a lot of catching up to do. But for now I'll take Mr.M as one of favorite lounge releases of the year.

Here's the title track Gone Tomorrow. Is anyone else getting a Steve Earl vibe?

If you are in the Seattle area, Lambchop is playing at the Tractor on Tuesday May 1st!

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