Monday, April 9, 2012

Imperial Teen

I find that more and more of my favorite bands are signed to Merge Records. Today I find out that from their website you can listen to their 'Radio', which is, like it suggests, a play list of Merge artists. Awesome way to go about your day listening to a long lists of bands known and unknown. Just another thing to love about this awesome label. Some of my favorite artists include...

Wild Flag
The Magnetic Fields
Arcade Fire
the Mountain Goats
Wye Oak

Imperial Teen released their third album with Merge (formally with Universal) in 2002. In 2007 they released The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band, and followed it up with this year's Feel The Sound. To me they are Head and the Heart meets Arcade Fire, though Imperial Teen released their first album wayyyy before either of the two.

In other news, the sun is shining in Seattle today!!!!OMG!!!wtf! As soon as I'm done slaving away on the wage train, a bike ride is definitely in order.

(my actual bike!)

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