Thursday, April 5, 2012

Django Django's Sounds of Summer

My first listen though Django Django's debut album (self titled) and I immediatley knew it was going to be the sound of summer. Though we're still months away from summer here in Seattle, this album reminds me of riding my bike, drinking beer on patios, and afternoons at the lake. In ways it kinda-sounds-like a less annoying Animal Collective, especially in the track Zumm Zumm. I feel I must apologize for some reason for not liking AC, but it is true, I find their music makes me feel on edge and cranky.

(Exactly. AC makes me feel dizzy)

Django Django (Because Music) are four lads from London, who I found have claimed and not claimed that they took their name from the famous jazz musician Django Reinhardt. Each track on the album feels significatly different from the one before, yet the feel of the album is cohesive and flowing. Jump in your car, roll down the windows, and take a listen to track #3 Default.

So while I would file this band under the psychedelic pop sound, it is still a sound all its own that makes me feel anything but cranky.

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