Monday, April 30, 2012

David Sedaris is a badass

(Dang it kittens, I'm trying to do something that doesn't involve kittens)

Last night I went with my friend Janet to see David Sedaris speak, and my cheeks are still sore from smiling for an hour and a half straight. He was amazing, just like I always dreamed he would be. After the show we stood in line for the book signing, and the 30 minute wait was worth it.

I asked him what the knife was for. He said it was to cut  the umbilical cord of the baby I was pregnant with. I just love you David.


p.s - The girl in front of me told David it was her birthday the day before. He says he has something for her and reaches into his canvas bag. He hands her a wad of pink tissue paper, and inside is a tiny figurine of a baby with no head. This man is an inspiration.

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