Monday, April 16, 2012

Grimes makes me do the celery man

When I listen to Grimes I feel a little something like this:

(Another one of my fantasy BFFs)
Outfit included.

Claire Boucher aka Grimes (4AD) released her third album Visions this past February. The 24 year old Canadian born musician's latest full length does not fit into my ususal rotation these days, which is mostly comprised of the indi-folk sounds of Andrew Bird, Francois + The Atlas Mountains, and First Aid Kit. But somewhere around 4pm, with the last hour of work ahead of me, Grimes is exactly what I need to get me through to happy hour.

funny gifs
(Gawd damn I love me a good cat gif)

Track #11 Nightmusic takes the cake for me, but the highly praised track #3 Oblivion seems to be the winner. Top to bottom it is a fantastic album and will be added to the ever growing list of the sounds of summer.

And in the event you have never seen it, behold Celery Man (sorry for the ad).

Can I get a hat wobble?

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